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Max Clifford for the Observer

I’m always interested in how my images will be perceived in the long term.
It’s been almost 2 decades since this shoot of Max Clifford.
It was one of my first jobs for the Observer magazine, a piece on PRs.
As well as a conventional portrait, I wanted a paparazzi inspired image to reflect his interaction with the media.
Strange days indeed.  Shot on colour transparency.

Max Clifford

Max Clifford

Jo Malone for RA Magazine

Greg Dyke for Management Today

Greg Dyke Greg Dyke

Oscar Pistorius in M Le magazine du Monde

Oscar Pistorius

Jojo Moyes for Stern

Jojo MoyesJojo Moyes

Mo Farah in the Observer

Mo Farah

An unorthodox relationship for the Sunday Times

click to see layout…


Bonnie Wright in Senegal for Oxfam

Rupert Grint for the Sunday Times

STI03Y1GG_54_Rupert Grint.inddRupert GrintRupert GrintRupert GrintRupert GrintRupert GrintRupert Grint

Nick Grimshaw for the Sunday Times

Nick GrimshawNick GrimshawNick GrimshawNick GrimshawNick Grimshaw