Dame Helen Mirren for the Sunday Times

Dame Helen Mirren, 26th October 1999 or just Helen Mirren as she was back then.
Shot for the Sunday Times.  She was in a play at the Cambridge Arts Theater.
Always engaging and playful to photograph, we started in the Theater then strolled over to the grass in front of King’s College.
I shot this picture with an old Polaroid 195 on Type 55 film which yields a print and a negative.  You had to pop the neg in a bucket of Sodium-Sulfite solution whist shooting to fix the image.

Helen Mirren

Andrew Linzey for Newsweek

During my shoot with Andrew, we stopped for tea and discussed religion.

At one point the academic gently said, “At the risk of appearing bumptious, I think you could benefit from attending one of my tutorials”.

It’s a shame I don’t live in Oxford, as I can’t think of a better way to spend a couple of hours.

Here’s the article.

Andrew Linzey


Boris Becker for the Sunday Times

Every frame from my 2015 shoot with Boris Becker.
Photographed in London.  Along with tennis balls for him to juggle, we sourced a pair of vintage Oliver Goldsmith Tennis Racquet Sunglasses.

Boris Becker

Fara Williams for the Observer Sport Monthly

Fara Williams

My shoot with a 17 year old Fara Williams 2001.

From the series ‘Contenders’ originally shot for the Observer Sport Monthly.

After a tough period when she was made homeless, Fara went on to become the most capped international in the English woman’s game.

After a kick-about (and some photos) on Tooting Beck Common, we did this portrait in her bedroom.  Every time she was selected for England, she kept the shirt.

Zadie Smith for Io Donna

Zadie SmithZadie SmithZadieSmith01

Thomas Heatherwick for Management Today

Thomas Heatherwick Thomas Heatherwick Thomas Heatherwick

Harry in the Royal Photographic Society Journal

This month I was interviewed by Clare Harris for the RPS Journal.

You can read the piece here along with a selection of other articles that have been published in the past.

R P S Journal Cover

R P S Journal

R P S Journal

R P S Journal

Sir Bob Geldof for the Guardian Weekend

The interview that accompanied the shoot can be found here

Bob GeldofBob Geldof

Shaun Murphy for the Observer Sport Monthly

In 2001, I went to an ordinary house in the outer London suburbs with a very large extension.

In this disproportionately large room was a snooker table and the well mannered, dignified teenager slotting balls elegantly into the pockets was Shaun Murphy.

Congratulations tonight Shaun on trouncing world number one Neil Robertson 10-2 in the final of the Masters to become only the 10th player to complete snooker’s ‘Triple Crown’.

Shaun was one of a series of ‘Contenders’ I shot for the magazine.

Young prospects tipped by experts as having potential to do very well in their respective sports.

I intend to revisit this project to reflect on how everyone did.  Here’s a picture from the shoot.

Shaun Murphy





An interview and exhibition for the Printspace

My portrait of Björk and many others at this exhibition organised by Printspace.

Printspace Exhibition

They made an interview. Apologies if I appear weary. It was at the end of a long day!