Robin Williams for the Observer

1999.  Whist visiting magazines in NY I got a call from the Observer:
“Do you want to photograph Robin Williams tomorrow?  We have half an hour at the Dorchester..?”
I cut my trip short and touched down in London on the morning of the shoot.
Arriving at the hotel with the writer William Leith, we were informed by his people:
“No.  You have half an hour for the interview & 5 minutes for pictures… if we have time
Here are a selection of portraits from that frenzied session.
The last image taken on my Leica, was with his minder/publicist who threatened to throw me out of the window if I didn’t finish the shoot…
Robin WilliamsRobin WilliamsRobin Williams with minder/publicist

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  1. I see you shot this on Hasselblad CM which model? I have just got a 500cm with 50mm and 80mm, hoping to get a 150mm soon. What’s your preferred portraiture lens with a Hassy?

  2. Clare Bromley says:

    Hello Harry

    Are the black and white prints of Robin Williams available to purchase?

    They are wonderful !

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