Prints From Negatives

When I started getting commissions in 1990, photographers weren’t the isolated, digital hermits we are today.

I had a whole legion of collaborators.  There were numerous assistants who later became friends, the staff at Metro who processed my film, Tara Bonakdar at my agency IPG who helped edit my shoots and printers like Chris Cook, David Robinson and the late, great Jeremy Ramsden.

It was only when I had to scan and visually interpret my negatives and later raw files in Photoshop that I began to miss this close social interaction.

As a way of celebrating this time and community, I’ve decided to give some of the many prints we produced away.

The first print is 16×12 inches and is of Sir Terry Pratchett who I photographed in 2001.

Simply Tweet or Facebook message me: #printsfromnegatives

We will pick a new print and winner once a month.  Good luck.

Terry Pratchett


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