John Humphrys for the Sunday Times

John Humphrys is angry.
As my assistant and I bump our heavy lights down the path of his West London home he berates us for being early.
Red faced, he aserts that “I absolutely said not to turn up before two o’clock” and that he had “told the desk if they come early I’d tell them to eff off”.  After a few awkward seconds, he mumbles “oh well you might as well come in” and reluctantly opens the door.
As I creep around his house in silence looking for locations, I can hear the clink clink of his cutlery as he sits at his kitchen table eating his modest lunch of salad and new potatoes whilst watching the news on his IPad.
By the time we took these pictures, he had morphed into the Humphrys I’d hoped to meet.  A free thinking man of integrity.  Courteous even kind.
When you are hungry, you become angry.  As my son says to me, “Eat something you’re becoming hangry!”
Empathy is not an obvious trait of a photographer but It’s always worth reflecting on the state of mind of your subject.
Lunch can often turn Edward Hyde back into Dr. Henry Jekyll.

John HumphrysJohn HumphrysJohn HumphrysJohn Humphrys


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