Harry in the Royal Photographic Society Journal

R P S Journal

This month I was interviewed by Clare Harris for the RPS Journal. You can read the piece here along with a selection of other articles that have been published in the past.

Sir Bob Geldof for the Guardian Weekend

Bob Geldof

The interview that accompanied the shoot can be found here

Shaun Murphy for the Observer Sport Monthly

Shaun Murphy

In 2001, I went to an ordinary house in the outer London suburbs with a very large extension. In this disproportionately large room was a snooker table and the well mannered, dignified teenager slotting balls elegantly into the pockets was Shaun Murphy. Congratulations tonight Shaun on trouncing world number one Neil Robertson 10-2 in the […]

Thurston Hopkins and Grace Robertson

Thurston Hopkins and Grace Robertson

Sorry to read of the death of esteemed photojournalist Thurston Hopkins. Here’s an image from my 2004 shoot with his wife (also a wonderful photographer) Grace Robertson on the south coast.      

Max Irons for Spectator Life

Max Irons

Gugu Mbatha-Raw for Spectator Life

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Margaret Hodge for The Sunday Times

Margaret Hodge

Robin Williams for the Observer

Robin Williams

1999.  Whist visiting magazines in NY I got a call from the Observer: “Do you want to photograph Robin Williams tomorrow?  We have half an hour at the Dorchester..?” I cut my trip short and touched down in London on the morning of the shoot. Arriving at the hotel with the writer William Leith, we […]

Bill Nighy for Spectator Life

Bill Nighy

Jean Paul Gaultier for The Sunday Times

Jean Paul Gaultier

Sam Laidlaw for Management Today

Sam Laidlaw

Max Clifford

Max Clifford

I’m always interested in how my images will be perceived in the long term. It’s been almost 2 decades since this shoot of Max Clifford. Shot on colour transparency, it was one of my first jobs for the Observer magazine, a piece on PRs. As well as a conventional portrait, I wanted a paparazzi inspired […]

Jojo Moyes for Stern

Jojo Moyes

Mo Farah in the Observer

Mo Farah

Bonnie Wright in Senegal for Oxfam

Bonnie Wright

Rupert Grint for the Sunday Times

Rupert Grint

Nick Grimshaw for the Sunday Times

Nick Grimshaw

Ocado for Management Today

Ocado's Tim Steiner & Jason Gissing

Adam Crozier for Management Today

Adam Crozier

David Baddiel for the Sunday Times

David Baddiel

David Icke for the Sunday Times

David Icke

Single Dad Project

Emma, Phil, Lisa & Jamie Moulton

The year that followed my divorce was the most difficult of my life. Overwhelmed by panic, despair and confusion, the hardest thing for me was the possibility of it having a corrosive effect on my children. However, through acceptance, forgiveness and love my ex and I found a way to celebrate our time together and truly become […]

Joanna Lumley for the Observer

Joanna Lumley

Jo Swinson for the Observer

Jo Swinson