Portraits of Holocaust Survivors.

The genesis of this project arose from my childhood. My brother, sister and I grew up in a vaguely non-religious environment.
Like most boys, I idealized my father and when he explained bluntly that the Nazis would have killed us because of our racial and religious characteristics I was shocked.  I guess I had considered myself a Christian like my Mother.
Growing-up, my atheist father was the only Jew I had ever met so firstly this mission is a personal exploration of my identity.

My approach has been to focus on the survivors’ dignity and humanity.

I ask each participant to provide a hand written statement of their choosing to be used alongside the image to illustrate each person’s perspective.
The use of available light and locating people in their home environment is designed to create intimacy.

Secondly, I would suggest that a couple of decades from now, foolish and sinister people will increasingly feel able to deny the Holocaust ever happened.  These portraits will hopefully become a small part of the documentation of a uniquely horrific event in modern history.

In 2014 this body of work was shortlisted for the European Publishers Award.

Holocaust Survivor Ruth Schloss Survivors002 Survivors003 Survivors004 A physically and emotionally crippling experience.  Mrs Leon Jedwab Survivors006 Survivors007 I have nothing to say.  Mayer Braitberg Survivors009 Survivors010 Survivors011 The best time of my life is when I'm with my family.  Leon Rosenzweig Dear Mr Borden, you are doing a fantastic job.  Majer Ceprow (Kopl) Survivors014 Survivors015 Survivors016 Survivors017 Survivors018 Survivors019 I am happy to be still here.  Jadzia Opat Survivors021 Survivors022 Survivors023 Survivors024 Survivors025 Survivors026 Survivors027 Survivors028 Survivors029 Survivors030 Survivors031 Holocaust Survivor Rita Knopf Survivors033 Survivors034 Survivors035 Survivors036 We will never let it happen again.  Edith Sykora Survivors038 Survivors039 Survivors040 As a Holocaust Survivor, Never to forget!  Never again!  Moshe Leshamir The will to live saved my life.  Lea Bahat Survivors043 Survivors044 Survivors045 The day of my birth tells all the story 10.11.1938.  Dan Weinrob My name is Erna Ellert, nee Markowich, in Auschwitz, Poland.  Erna Ellert Survivors048 Survivors049 Survivors050 Survivors051 Survivors052 Survivors053 Survivors054 Survivors055 In my heart I always felt my parents would survive.  Debora Brenner Survivors057 A clear desk is the sign of a sick mind.  Charles Srebnik Survivors059 Faith, hope and love.  Dora Reym Survivors061 Survivors062 Survivors063 Survivors064 Survivors065 Survivors066 Survivors067 Survivors068 Survivors069 Survivors070