Rupert Everett and his mother Sara for the Sunday Times

3 Responses to “Rupert Everett and his mother Sara for the Sunday Times”

  1. Perin says:

    Sara, don’t fret about Rupert with no kids of his own, most of my friends say
    if they knew what it was like, they would not have had kids…Too hard to bring
    up kids today with all the challenges…Rupert is happy…so thats enough… :)))

  2. Moms are just that way, especially with such a handsome son!

  3. Lynn says:

    I don’t blame her. She’s not homophobic. She’s not a bad mother. She’s practical. Who’s to say she’s wrong? We’ve went yrs believing one way. Only until 2000 has the world changed their views. So over 7000 yrs we got it wrong? Is the world the best it’s ever been? No

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