Baroness Thatcher for Time

This was a shoot I thought wouldn’t happen.
I was simply too young to photograph her in her prime.
As the first woman PM, she loomed so large over my childhood
and then politically radicalised my generation.
So I wasn’t her number one fan but it was humbling to see the Iron Lady succumbing,
as we all must, to human frailty.

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  1. Sid says:

    Wow, a lovely set of images.

    I didn’t like her politics (putting it modestly!) but she is a figure of intense interest to me, particularly in her later years. I would have loved to have seen her true personality and how she responded to being one of the most influential person in the world, and then becoming a presence that her party tried to distance from.

    There have been reports of ‘another side to Thatcher’, a caring and considerate one. Did you experience this, Harry? I have heard that she was no master of small talk, did you find ther awkward to be around?

    Again, some great images. I hope that she was happy with them!



    • knrfeomh says:

      Thanks Sid, she did like the pictures and asked if they could use one on her Foundation web site.
      It was a quick shoot but enjoyable and it doesn’t surprise me that people talk of her gentle side.
      Glad you liked the pictures, H

  2. Enjoyed this set of images Harry, always nice to see the ‘process’ behind a shoot and how you moved from one setup and set of images to another. As an aside I really enjoy in general how you manage to find such great graphic elements in the environments on your shoots, something I, as a struggling editorial photographer aspire to, but struggle with. Cheers, Damian

  3. Melissa D. says:


    I ran across one of your photos while enjoying MT’s foundation website. I then decided to look you up and found your photo shoot. I enjoyed each and every photo. I truly believe MT aged like fine while. She really was a beautiful woman. You should feel very fortunate to have been able to photograph her. Thanks so very much for sharing with the world.

  4. kelly says:

    Very good looking woman. My husband and I met her at a Conservative party event a few years before she died. She was beautifully dressed, strikingly attractive. What struck me was how polite, and nice, she was to the waiters/waitresses and the endless people who talked to her. At the end of the evening she insisted on going to the kitchen to thank the kitchen staff for their efforts. They were all gobsmacked. A lovely lady.

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