Prints From Negatives #2

When I started getting commissions in 1990, photographers worked with film.

Working in this way involved collaboration.  As a way of celebrating the people I used to work with, I’m giving away some of the many prints we produced.

The winner of the first print is Emma Blau.  Congratulations Emma!

The next print is from a shoot with Marianne Faithfull from 1996.  It was shot for the Independent on Sunday Review and commissioned by the wonderful picture editors Victoria Lukens and Susan Glen, who gave me some of my first commissions.  Thank you!

The writer and I traveled to Ireland to photograph her at Shell Cottage, the three-bedroom house she was renting on the grand Carton estate outside Dublin.  She was a kind host, tea and sandwiches waiting for us on arrival.  After a long chatty lunch and an ever lengthening interview, I began to get slightly twitchy as we were flying back to London that evening, and I had still yet to take a picture.

After 5 minutes of standing awkwardly in the room where the interview was taking place, I took the bull by the horns and asked if we could perhaps do the pictures.  I maneuvered her outside and positioned her against a wall.  As I loaded my Hasselblad, she asked what I hoped to achieve and I thoughtlessly replied that I, “hoped to get a definitive portrait of her”.  On reflection this was a stupid thing to say.  The definitive portraits had already been taken and by photographers like Donovan and Bailey.  She knew this and so did I.  My comment spooked an already apprehensive and jumpy subject.  She gave me a roll and a half (18 frames) and then the tension was too much.  “Can we stop now” she said and I didn’t have the heart to say no.

Here is the original article by Marianne Macdonald

The print I’m giving away is 16×12, fibre-based and lith-printed by me.

Marianne Faithfull

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