Kylie Minogue for the Observer

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue 3rd of January 1998

In the shadowy lounge of a London club, curled-up dozing like a kitten on a big leather chair, Kylie waits patiently to be photographed for the Observer whilst her management explain why I must sign a contract selling them the copyright of the shoot for £1.

Assuring me they just want to be able to prevent bad images being used,
I reluctantly put pen to paper.
I know I should stand strong but I don’t want to cause trouble
and I’m confident they will like the pictures.

Quiet, demure, like a ballerina going through her steps Kylie performs for me and gives me what she thinks I want.

The pictures look good.  The magazine are happy.

When some time later the Australian National Portrait Gallery ask if they can have a print of Kylie for their archive, I remember the contract.

When her people refuse to let me supply a print, I’m shocked but sanguine.  An important lesson learned.  Maybe they didn’t like the pictures?

4 years pass and suddenly I get an email from Kylie’s people.

They want to use my images in her forthcoming book Kylie La La La.
Of course I have no say in the matter as they own the photographs, but as a matter of curtesy, they are letting me know….

I’ve no idea what this enigma is really like.

I’ve no idea how involved she is in her business dealings.
Over the last 20 years she’s been a polymorphous presence.

Cleverly using talented and creative people to keep the Kylie brand alive and relevant.

Sad then that she tacitly sanctions the theft from those of us lower down in the creative food chain.

You can buy a used copy of the book on Amazon for 1p.

I notice Kylie Minogue split from her Management Company in 2013.

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