Tear Sheets

Martin Parr for The Independent on Sunday Review

Back when I was starting, when photography felt inspiring and true, I first encountered Martin Parr. We went along to Plymouth Arts Centre to see his seminal ‘The Last Resort’, and I was blown away. I bought a poster and it was a constant on the wall of my student bedsit. Lovely then, if a […]

Tom Daley

Father’s day June 15, 2008. I drive to a housing estate on the out-skirts of Plymouth to photograph a 13 year old diver. His Father organises everything with meticulous care; my diary reveals a Sunday and we can only shoot between 1.45 to 2.15pm. I remember a bright clear sunny day, a trampoline dwarfing the […]

Tom Jones for Penguin

1st of April 2015 I had a full day with the maestro at MC Motors, a warehouse-type location in Dalston. Professionalism personified.  He had the comfortable air of a man who is master of his domain.

NHS Workers for the Guardian WE

Coming over here, saving our lives. As the son of an immigrant, I enjoyed making this portfolio of 8 portraits that reflect the diverse range of people who work for the NHS. In public discourse there needs to be more emphasise on the positive effects of immigration. The simplistic notion peddled by some, that all […]

Steve Coogan for the Guardian Weekend

I really like Steve Coogan.  I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done.  Partridge obviously, but also Saxondale and I loved the heart-breaking poignancy of the Trip. I normally like to improvise but he wanted to know the concept, so the pictures were planned a week before and we attempted to reference Irving Penn’s corner portraits of cultural […]

John Humphrys for the Sunday Times

John Humphrys is angry. As my assistant and I bump our heavy lights down the path of his West London home he berates us for being early. Red faced, he aserts that “I absolutely said not to turn up before two o’clock” and that he had “told the desk if they come early I’d tell […]

Andrew Linzey for Newsweek

During my shoot with Andrew, we stopped for tea and discussed religion. At one point the academic gently said, “At the risk of appearing bumptious, I think you could benefit from attending one of my tutorials”. It’s a shame I don’t live in Oxford, as I can’t think of a better way to spend a […]

Boris Becker for the Sunday Times

Every frame from my 2015 shoot with Boris Becker. Photographed in London.  Along with tennis balls for him to juggle, we sourced a pair of vintage Oliver Goldsmith Tennis Racquet Sunglasses.

Zadie Smith for Io Donna

Thomas Heatherwick for Management Today

Harry in the Royal Photographic Society Journal

This month I was interviewed by Clare Harris for the RPS Journal. You can read the piece here along with a selection of other articles that have been published in the past.

Sir Bob Geldof for the Guardian Weekend

The interview that accompanied the shoot can be found here

Assemble and Study O Portable for Icon

It was inspiring to meet and photograph the Emerging Architecture Practice of the Year (Assemble) and the Emerging Design Studio of the Year (Study O Portable) for Icon Magazine.

Ken Follett for Io Donna

John Tebbs for Amica

Max Irons for Spectator Life

Gugu Mbatha-Raw for Spectator Life

Margaret Hodge for The Sunday Times

Bill Nighy for Spectator Life

Jean Paul Gaultier for The Sunday Times

Sam Laidlaw for Management Today

Jo Malone for RA Magazine

Oscar Pistorius in M Le magazine du Monde

Jojo Moyes for Stern