When Harry Met

Kanye West 11/11/2008 for the Observer Music

The Landmark Hotel, London. We were promised an hour and 2 changes of clothes. After the usual tense wait, Kanye arrives. Demure but steely, he insists he will be holding a Louis Vuitton bag in all the pictures and won’t be taking off his sunglasses or his scarf.  I will have 15 minutes maximum. We […]

20 Years of the Spice Girls. Shoot 1 of 4.

27/6/1996. A few friends convene at my flat in Bethnal Green to watch England get knocked out by Germany in the Semi-finals of Euro 96. (6-5 on penalties). The joyous atmosphere evaporated as Gareth Southgate missed his penalty and talk turned to the coming week. The frivolous nature of my life was mocked when I […]

Martin Parr for The Independent on Sunday Review

Back when I was starting, when photography felt inspiring and true, I first encountered Martin Parr. We went along to Plymouth Arts Centre to see his seminal ‘The Last Resort’, and I was blown away. I bought a poster and it was a constant on the wall of my student bedsit. Lovely then, if a […]

Tom Daley

Father’s day June 15, 2008. I drive to a housing estate on the out-skirts of Plymouth to photograph a 13 year old diver. His Father organises everything with meticulous care; my diary reveals a Sunday and we can only shoot between 1.45 to 2.15pm. I remember a bright clear sunny day, a trampoline dwarfing the […]

Tom Jones for Penguin

1st of April 2015 I had a full day with the maestro at MC Motors, a warehouse-type location in Dalston. Professionalism personified.  He had the comfortable air of a man who is master of his domain.

David Bailey for the Sunday Times magazine 15th August 2011

David Bailey for the Sunday Times magazine 15th August 2011 He’d given an interview to Lynn Barber and it was agreed his Devon farmhouse near Dartmoor would make a good location. Initially I didn’t take any photographs because he was brusque and defensive. Over a coffee with his wife in the kitchen, we chatted about […]

John Humphrys for the Sunday Times

John Humphrys is angry. As my assistant and I bump our heavy lights down the path of his West London home he berates us for being early. Red faced, he aserts that “I absolutely said not to turn up before two o’clock” and that he had “told the desk if they come early I’d tell […]

Kylie Minogue for the Observer

Kylie Minogue 3rd of January 1998 In the shadowy lounge of a London club, curled-up dozing like a kitten on a big leather chair, Kylie waits patiently to be photographed for the Observer whilst her management explain why I must sign a contract selling them the copyright of the shoot for £1. Assuring me they […]

Dermot Morgan for the Sunday Times

Dermot Morgan 18th February 1998 Soho. It’s difficult to believe it’s been 17 years since Dermot Morgan the eponymous hero of Father Ted died.  I happened to photograph Dermot a few days days before his untimely death of a heart attack at 45.  I loved the program but my enthusiasm for meeting ‘Father Ted’ was […]

Dame Helen Mirren for the Sunday Times

Dame Helen Mirren, 26th October 1999 or just Helen Mirren as she was back then. Shot for the Sunday Times.  She was in a play at the Cambridge Arts Theater. Always engaging and playful to photograph, we started in the Theater then strolled over to the grass in front of King’s College. I shot this […]

Andrew Linzey for Newsweek

During my shoot with Andrew, we stopped for tea and discussed religion. At one point the academic gently said, “At the risk of appearing bumptious, I think you could benefit from attending one of my tutorials”. It’s a shame I don’t live in Oxford, as I can’t think of a better way to spend a […]

Shaun Murphy for the Observer Sport Monthly

In 2001, I went to an ordinary house in the outer London suburbs with a very large extension. In this disproportionately large room was a snooker table and the well mannered, dignified teenager slotting balls elegantly into the pockets was Shaun Murphy. Congratulations tonight Shaun on trouncing world number one Neil Robertson 10-2 in the […]

Prints From Negatives #2

When I started getting commissions in 1990, photographers worked with film. Working in this way involved collaboration.  As a way of celebrating the people I used to work with, I’m giving away some of the many prints we produced. The winner of the first print is Emma Blau.  Congratulations Emma! The next print is from […]

Robin Williams for the Observer

1999.  Whist visiting magazines in NY I got a call from the Observer: “Do you want to photograph Robin Williams tomorrow?  We have half an hour at the Dorchester..?” I cut my trip short and touched down in London on the morning of the shoot. Arriving at the hotel with the writer William Leith, we […]