Four Hugs Wide

Four Hugs Wide Bristol for World Conservation Day 

& Lammas 2021+

Harry Borden and Mireille Thornton

Four Hugs Wide began some time before Covid-19 struck, with a simple desire to explore today’s story of people and trees in a new way, to see what we might discover in a seemingly obscure and shrinking arboreal world.

The new or deeper connections with nature many people have made or missed during national lock-downs have made Four Hugs Wide, and what we have found, feel ever more prescient.

What we discovered is we hope, for everyone: personal stories that touch and inspire, the awesome power of trees (to provide, nourish, harbour, share, mystify, shape our environments, endure, adapt and heal) and the ancient and alive ways we are entwined with and embodied in nature. The connections between the human stories here and their muses, shared in portrait photography and poetry, are real, alive and beautiful.

In 2018 Four Hugs Wide received an Environmental Bursary from the Royal Photographic Society in partnership with the Royal Photographic Angle.
In 2020 the work was exhibited at The Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington accompanied by a series of events, workshops and films.