Four Hugs Wide

‘No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they haven’t experienced’. David Attenborough
This project, (an ongoing collaboration with Mireille Thornton), aims to explore our relationship with the arboreal through encounters with people who love, live and work with trees and woodlands throughout Britain.
Here you will find artists, farmers, activists and campaigners, forest food gardeners, designers, witches, musicians, writers, iron-age tool makers, healers, health workers and more.
All our subjects share an innate respect for nature and live according to the maxim that we are part of a greater whole.
Mireille has written a poem to accompany each portrait.
In 2018 the work received an Environmental Bursary from The Royal Photographic society in partnership with The Photographic Angle.
In 2020 Four Hugs Wide was exhibited at The Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington accompanied by a series of events, workshops and films.