Single Dad

The image of the single dad is often distorted by out-of-date notions of masculinity – the strong and resilient father, the working father, the emotionally distant dad. The men in these portraits are the main carers for their children. In a world where Homer Simpson is an archetypal father, they confound the simplistic notion of fathers as ridiculous. I asked each of my subjects to write about how they became a single dad and what they enjoy about fatherhood. Their stories are different but all share a love and commitment for their children.

I wanted this work to reflect on fatherhood and the role men play in their children’s lives, to contribute to the ongoing debate about what it is to be a man and to honour these men engaged in the singular and vital task of bringing up their children.

‘A beautiful book, filled with humanity and compassion – and proof of the deep love that fathers have for their children.’ Alain de Botton 

The book was published March 2021 and is available from Hoxton Mini Press here.